2016, Arquipélago – Contemporary Arts Centre, Açores, Portugal
Augmented reality installation (FPV video glasses, security camera,smart phone, QR code stickers, glass pyramid, blacklight, flat screen TV)
Keywords: art and technologies, media art, interactive art, augmented reality, virtual reality, lazer projections, 360 video
Augmented reality installation “Zone” talks about topics such as virtual artifacts, mixed reality and tele-existence. Installation consists of two elements: the virtual reality video maze and objects in space. QR stickers and other objects in the room along with a virtual space, together form complete audio-visual composition. There are variety of hidden clues, which encourages the viewer to explore the installation and discover hidden artefacts.
The aim of the project is to explore possibilities provided by the digital technologies as means of artistic expression. Also, to look at boundry between the physical world and the virtual reality in the dawn of the imagination age.