Synthetic visions

Group exhibition
RIXC Festival 2023 Exhibition: Crypto, Art and Climate at the National Library of Latvia
Video installation
/video sculpture with 3D video display, 3 full hd  screens 32′-50′ inch, docking station  with 3 outputs(2x displayport, 1 hdmi), computer, reflective surface 1,5 m, book a4/
    “Synthetic Visions” is a captivating AI-based installation, where the mesmerizing robotic sculpture “Robo Sage” embodies the essence of collective knowledge powered by Chat GPT language model and AI image generators. Surrounding displays project celestial visuals, unveiling thematic sections that delve into cosmic wisdom and human understanding. Seamlessly connected, Robo Sage shares profound insights, inviting viewers to delve into the interplay of AI, science, and art in our cosmic expedition.

Ai video installation " Sythetic visions" exhibition opening