The Center for New Media Culture, RIXC gallery, solo show
Virtual and augmented reality installation

/ vinyl sticker 2x2m, curtains 2x2m, flat screen TV 50′, HTC Vive virtual reality glasses and controllers, computer, two connected augmented reality masks, a poster 60 x80 cm, augmented reality mask with raspberry pi computer /

Keywords: virtual reality, immersion, reproduction, oneirology, dynamic perspectives, neo-surrealism

     Will we ever be able to record a dream and watch it’s recording on the screen? In the exhibition interactive artwork reproduces lucid dreaming experience from different perspectives using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. The story of the virtual space is revealed gradually – the memory of real space is reproduced in a virtual world with gradual changes.
The experience of dreaming is related to specific parts of the brain, and in recent years there are new experimental tools that could allow researchers to one day see their dreams awake. Immersive virtual reality technologies are a necessary tool for dream research. There is currently no strong evolutionary explanation of dreams, but nature has created a wholly rich VR experience for every one of us every day. By conducting an in-depth study of neuron networks responsible for dreams, coupled with technological advances in brain and computer communication, it is not difficult to imagine a system that uses dream as a tool for virtual world construction.