Solo show, 19.-20.10.2018
RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6, Riga, Latvia
Augumented reality installation
/ 5 x augmented reality photography 30x 30 cm /
Keywords: augmented reality, immersion, reproduction, interactive narative systems, neo-surrealism

The theme of the exhibition is narrative. It is an important part of the way we interact with and make sense of the world. Interactive narrative systems tell stories in a virtual world in which the user is an interactive participant. Since the behaviours the user performs in the virtual world can affect the way in which a storyline unfolds, interactive narrative systems often use a branching story structure where non-interactive story presentations are interleaved with user decision points. Storytelling is a powerful tool, unfortunately, traditional storytelling encourages the participants to become passive listeners. In contrast, interactive storytelling encourages them to interact with the stories.