Senus art, group show

2021Augmented reality istallation

Four virtual artworks located in the Esplanade park next to the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga.

Five 360-degree virtual photographic spheres visualises an artistic reconstruction of the changing landscape of the Esplanade Park in Riga at different historical periods, from the prehistoric time to the 20th century. We experience the world around us with our five senses. However, metaphysical perspective recognises also the sixth sense, an extrasensory perception which allows to feel time and space from an entirely different point of view. Today, this natural ability has been transformed and augmented by contemporary science and smart technologies. The Augmented Reality technologies offers new experiences of the space and time by combining various scenes of the past with the present.

To experience the virtual artworks of the Augmented Experience exhibition, download the Sensus Art –mobile augmented reality application!