KIM? Contemporary Art Centre, exhibition “Virtualities and Realities”, RIXC Art Science Festival

Virtual reality installation / 9 rock fragments, 9 QR code stickers, smartphone, virtual reality headset for smartphone/

The aim of the project is to use image processing algorithms with digital photogrammetry techniques to create virtual reality model of microscopic rock surface. The virtual reality installation consists of 8 different rock specimens found in geological expeditions in Hanja upland which is located in northern part of Latvia and 360° videos exploring dynamic perspectives in virtual reality space. The viewer in virtual space is situated on the surface of the rock sample, creating a sense that it is reduced to the size of a grain of sand, thus looking at the stone crystals much larger scale of the unprecedented perspective. The rock specimens consists of collection of parts of fossils dated back 300 million years ago from Paleozoic era found in sequences of shale, limestone, dolostone, and sandstone.