Earth Tones

Solo show
Mazsalaca city cultural centre, Valmiera municiplaity, Latvia
Immersive video installation
/2 vinyl spheres, 2 projectors, 3 computers, clay sculptures, 2 TV screens, 3 LED light strips, found objects, surround sound system/
    The exhibition is an immersive video installation that combines mythology, eco-art and acoustics to create a dynamic experience. The artist’s goal is to popularize the conservation of the environment, while demonstrating the unique acoustic properties of Skaņaiskalns. The installation invites viewers to engage with local culture and ecology and to reflect on the importance of preserving cultural heritage and the natural environment. By combining projections, performance and objects in space, the immersive video installation aims to create a transformative experience that inspires visitors to explore the local culture and environment.
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"The Creation" short film

” The Creation” is a mesmerizing short film that delves into the creative process of a solitary artist amidst the scenic landscapes of Mazsalaca. The film follows the artist as they gather clay from the earth, shaping it into intricate sculptures that reflect both the natural beauty of the surroundings and the artist’s deep connection to the land.

As the artist molds the clay with their hands and body, the camera captures every detail, immersing the audience in the tactile experience of creation. The sounds of nature, from rustling leaves to chirping birds, blend seamlessly with the rhythmic pulse of the sculpting process, creating a symphony of sensory delight.

Interwoven with the visuals are snippets of local mythology, whispered tales of ancient gods and spirits that inhabit the land. These stories infuse the artwork with a sense of mystique, inviting viewers to ponder the deeper connections between humanity and nature.


" Earth tones " exhibition opening

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Vocal group "Ēra" performance at Skaņaiskalns

 As part of the immersive video installation “Earth Tones” by Zane Zelmene, this captivating performance transports viewers to the iconic Skaņaiskalns acoustic cliff, renowned for its remarkable acoustic properties. Ēra’s harmonious melodies resonate amidst the natural acoustics, creating a spellbinding auditory experience. With sweeping 360° views, viewers are transported into the heart of Mazsalaca’s cultural and natural landscape, where music and nature intertwine to create a captivating spectacle.