2012, Totaldobže art centre, Riga, Latvia
Video installation / projector, sound system, media player, 4 x 5 m white screen, PVC pipes, fabric /
Keywords: video art, multimedia installation, non location
"Laboratory rats were cut oout a large part of the brain, but they still managed to keep their knowledge to navigate the maze." / Paul Pietsch /
 This large scale video installation consists of 3 inseparable parts- kaleidoscope projections, object and sound, thus depicting the human perception as a kind of hologram. Projection consists of 9 acts with a central character and his thoughts which every moment changes their nature. Film scenes do not follow each other, but are organized as a mandala, showing the main characters subconscious deeper levels. With the help of installation thoughts are converted into three-dimensional object. Thoughts are everywhere and nowhere, they are non local. Through different religions and their symbols,this installation - the three-dimensional ennegram shows human thoughts, as well as their non local comprehensive nature and amount of information they accumulate.